Cases for change

The Cases for change resources are a key part of the ‘Mental health and wellbeing commissioning pack’, Commissioning Framework, Volume 3. They summarise the evidence base, and accepted best practice for commissioning and delivering different models of care and interventions.

They are intended for Clinical Commissioning Groups to inform local commissioning priorities, strategies, and service redesign; and for Health and Wellbeing Partnerships to inform Health and Wellbeing Strategies.

The four Cases for change cover emotional wellbeing in adults:

They draw on and link to the international evidence base and accepted best practice, summarising the evidence and presenting simply and clearly the associated pathways and/or models of care. Specifically, they make the quality, outcomes and economic case for service design, making the case for change for local commissioners and communities.

The Cases for change identify:

  • What the problem is? General information about prevalence. A complementary tool is also being developed to support local needs assessment and service and financial planning
  • What service users and carers want?
  • What works? The evidence
  • What services are available? Strengths and weaknesses of current services in brief
  • What cost information is there? Relevant health economic evaluations

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