Investment in mental health

The 2011/12 National Survey of Investment in Mental Health shows that the total investment in WAA mental health services in 2010/11 was £6.550 billion or £195.8 per head of weighted working age population.

Figure 15: Overall Geographical Investment and Provider Charts

Figure 19: Overall Investment Differences by LIT within SHAs

The length of the bars indicates the range of weighted investment within the SHA and the horizontal bar the median level of weighted investment.

Figure 20: Secure Investment differences by LIT within SHAs

For secure services, there are major differences across and within SHAs. Note that these figures of weighted investment per head EXCLUDE high secure services.

Figure 21: Psychological Therapies Investment differences by LIT within SHAs

Again there is considerable variation across and within SHAs (shown by the length of the grey bar).