Leadership and network development

Every CCG will have a named influential mental health lead that is resourced, knowledgeable, equipped and engaged

Regions have traditionally been funded to support system-level service improvement programmes. In 2012/13 most Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) have made plans to resource programmes of support for the development of GPs and clinical commissioners in Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to promote clinical leadership and board development for example.

Over the past few years, the SHA mental health leads have had access to varying levels of financial resource to develop local development programmes, and have developed and supported their local  models of mental health leadership for commissioning and clinical leads. The map over shows the current status of regionally sponsored mental health specific leadership programmes.

The purpose of this workstream is to draw together the learning and experience of successful local programmes in order to ensure that there is best use of resources and whole country coverage that will promote both leadership development and mechanisms for engagement for both established and newly appointed clinical leads for mental health in CCGs. This workstream will provide opportunities for using and developing the mental health and wellbeing commissioning pack. The workstream will provide a development framework that can be used at an individual, local, or system level by CCGs to support mental health commissioning leadership development.This workstream will support CCGs whatever their stage of authorisation or maturity and the national commissioning board (NCB) by establishing this programme as the ‘go-to’ place for mental health commissioning leadership and expertise.

Workstream Benefits

  • The identification of all CCG mental health leads – supporting the development of local and strategic networks of MH leads
  • Each region will have opportunity to access a bespoke leadership development programme which will include
  1. Knowledge and skills development
  2. Individual coaching and mentoring
  3. Access to and use of and opportunities to influence the development of the commissioning pack

Events and training
A further aspiration for this workstream is to support the development and access to practical and relevant training that may be mapped against relevant competency frameworks, aligned to national revalidation models and appropriately accredited.