Outcome specifications

Outcomes based commissioning is where a commissioning body agrees to fund a provider on the basis that they will achieve particular agreed outcomes (rather than deliver particular outputs). The provider does not have to specify how they will achieve these outcomes. The aim is to enable providers to innovate and to create better services which are tailored to the needs of service users.

These model outcome specifications will support commissioners in their negotiations with providers and/or other departments within Clinical Commissioning Group’s and Local Authorities.

They should be used in conjunction with the other tools within the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Pack, to understand the evidence base and the needs of the local population.

The specifications have key outcomes from the NHS Outcomes Frameworks and also a range of proposed outcomes for local consideration and, if selected, for local agreement. There is no intention that all outcomes within the specifications be mandatory but that these are used and negotiated as appropriate to local circumstances.

The specifications assume that services will be commissioned with the following:

  • Service users and carers involved in co-production
  • Design of services with service users and carers
  • Delivery of services with service users and carers
  • Partnerships with service users and carers
  • Work with local providers to develop local markets for innovation
  • Championing and investment in innovation

Whilst every effort has been made to be realistic regarding outcomes, it will be important for commissioners to collaborate with current providers regarding:

  • Their ability to collect data in order for commissioners to monitor performance
  • Where information is not routinely collected, for providers to collect baseline data in year 1 and then commissioners negotiate % increases or reduction for years 2 and 3.
  • Inclusion of Local Authorities in the drafting of specifications.