Mental health first aid training for veterans and their families

The Department of Health has announced that up to 6,400 former military personnel and their families will be offered training to help veterans experiencing mental health problems.

Veterans and their families, as well as members of service charities and others who work with veterans, will be given the opportunity to go on a course to teach the mental health equivalent of first aid skills and give people the knowledge and confidence to spot the signs that someone could be suffering and support them.

The course will train people to:

  • spot the early signs of mental health problems;
  • feel confident helping someone who is experiencing a problem;
  • provide help on a first aid basis;
  • help prevent someone from hurting themselves or others;
  • help stop a mental health problem from getting worse;
  • help someone to recover faster;
  • guide someone to the right support; and
  • reduce the stigma of mental health problems.

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