Ensure high quality services for prisoners

It is important to consider how to ensure high quality services for prisoners, ex-prisoners and people serving sentences in the community.

Commission a Forensic Liaison and Assessment Team which will link specialist services to community mental health services to assess the causes of criminal behaviour (including social and environmental as well as psychological factors) and prevent appearances in court.

Make sure at least one GP practice in the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) area is able to manage the specific needs of people who have been excluded from other practice lists, people recently released from prison and those who are subject to community sentences.

Make sure prison populations are assessed for mental illness and those that need treatment whilst in custody receive it in a similar way to how they would outside prison. Probation Trusts should work collaboratively with mental health services to support offenders with mental health conditions on release from custody.

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  1. I really seem to go along with everything that was in fact authored inside “Ensure high quality services for prisoners – Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health”.

    I am grateful for pretty much all the actual information.
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