Where can I find out more about Payment by Results?

Payment by Results (PbR) is the rules-based payment system in England by which commissioners pay healthcare providers for each patient seen or treated.

PbR involves:

  1. Capturing the number of service users treated.
  2. Allocating each patient to a classification system.
  3. Agreeing what should be provided for people in each cluster.
  4. Agreeing a price for each group/cluster in the classification system that means providers can afford to deliver the agreed care.

In acute care, PbR takes account of the complexity of the patient’s healthcare needs. In mental health, a method of doing this is still being finalised.

PbR currently covers the majority of acute healthcare in hospitals and national tariffs exist for admitted patient care, outpatient attendances, accident and emergency (A&E), and some outpatient procedures. The Government is committed to expanding PbR by introducing currencies and tariffs for mental health, community and other services.

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