What makes a great CCG?

The job of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is to exercise its functions with a view to securing continuous improvements in the quality of services for patients and in outcomes, with particular regard to clinical effectiveness, safety and patient experience.

The principal vehicle for joint working at the local level will be Health and Wellbeing Boards. Joint Strategic Needs Assessments, and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies will underpin local commissioning plans.

A great CCG will have a clinical focus to lead everything it does; it will have quality at its heart, and it will maintain a real focus on outcomes.

It will have significant engagement from its constituent practices as well as widespread involvement of local partners including service users and carers; clinicians providing health services locally including secondary care, community and mental health, those providing services to people with learning disabilities, public health experts, and social care colleagues.

It will communicate a clear vision of the improvements it is seeking to make in the health of the locality, including population health.