Who’s in charge?

By April 2013, the whole of England will be covered by established Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Each will be authorised to take on some or all of the commissioning responsibilities for its population.

CCGs therefore need individual clinical leaders who can drive change, who also hold partnership values, who can develop a culture which distributes leadership throughout the organisation.

The accountable officer needs to be capable of steering such a significant organisation and the chief finance officer must be both fully qualified and have sufficient experience. All those on the governing body will need to have the right skills. But many people lack knowledge about mental ill health, and because mental ill health accounts for such a significant part of the burden of disease and because it is the largest single programme budget, it is essential that mental health expertise is secured.

This may be achieved in a number of different ways. The NHS Commissioning Board and Commissioning Support Organisations can help.

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