Values Based Commissioning for Mental Health

Values Based Commissioning for Mental HealthThis Conference led by the The Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health, Royal College of Psychiatrists, NSUN Network for Mental Health and Healthcare Conferences UK.

Chaired by Dr Neil Deuchar, Co-Chair The Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health and Director Commissioning Centre, Royal College of Psychiatrists, and Dr Elizabeth England RCGP Clinical Commissioning Champion and Co-Chair The Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health, this conference will focus on Values Based Commissioning.

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“Values-based Commissioning (VbC) is defined as type of Values-based Practice in which a commissioning process rests equally on three pillars of: 1.patient and carer perspective; 2.clinical expertise; 3.knowledge derived from scientific or other systematic approaches (evidence). Through mutual respect of each of the other around the commissioning table, all three of these components of intelligence are aligned with procurement, contracting and other commissioning practice as defined by World Class Commissioning (WCC). This integrates values, professionalism and science with the mechanics of commissioning.


VbC must enable patients and carers to engage with commissioning process on an equal footing to everyone else. The prize to getting this right is a far higher degree of leadership of the process and ownership of the outcome than would be expected when patients and carers perceive themselves to be tokenistic meeting attendees and passive recipients of services.”

The Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health 2013

The recent NSUN review into Values based Commissioning stated that

“Service users should be placed at the centre of the commissioning process. Clinical Commissioning Groups should set up a VbC infrastructure where possible and begin to actively collaborate with service users as equal partners.

There should also be a definite service user and carer presence at all levels of decision-making and panels should comprise at least three people who have lived experience of mental ill health”

National Service User Network 2013

Though expert sessions and practical case studies the conference programme will cover key themes including:

  • Developing Values Based Commissioning in Mental Health: the Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health approach
  • Values Based Commissioning: The story so far
  • Evaluating Values Based Commissioning
  • The Commissioners perspective on Values Based Commissioning
  • How Values Based Commissioning changes things
  • Service user experiences of Values Based Commissioning: led by members of the MIND-NSUN commissioning reference group of Service Users who will discuss the Service User perspective on VBC and the service user impact
  • The practicalities of Values Based Commissioning
  • VBC engaging Black and Ethnic Minorities
  • Values based commissioning, citizenship and community development
  • Closing Keynote: Values Based Commissioning and Social Care